Why Google Reviews Dominate Over Other Review Sites

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Everyone has different opinions on which review site is most important to which industry, many often turn to Google reviews. You can visit one review site and see a different perception than another. Every day, more review sites come into play to bring new voices into the mix.  If you look at one review site, […]

Why You Need Review Management Software

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Maybe this is a new concept, and you have managed reviews manually for quite some time. It’s pretty exhausting, though! Several platforms and opportunities for customers to review your business, which can suit your brand if you’re doing everything right.  When looking into different online management software, it’s essential to know why it’s critical and […]

Top ways to request reviews from review sites

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It’s no secret how critical reviews are to a business.  At this point, it’s essential to stand out against the competition since people heavily rely on reviews to help make their buying decisions. In fact, “nearly nine out of ten (89%) consumers worldwide make an effort to read reviews on review sites before buying products […]

A Checklist for Choosing a Reputation Management Platform

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first published at www.reviewinc.com It’s a new year when business owners look to make an annual plan. It’s time to make changes and implement new strategies. Make 2022 the year for your business to grow! One of the best ways to take charge of your business is by focusing on your online reputation. Online reputation management platforms […]

What are the Top 5 Customer Review Sites?

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There are thousands of review sites out there for every kind of business. Over the years, the industry has grown enormously. It’s often hard to keep track of every review. However, some review sites deserve more attention as they bring the most traffic and viewership. We’re going to rate the top customer review sites based […]

Online Review Statistics

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The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews From Khaled Saleh How important are customer reviews to shoppers? Very important, as it turns out. The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. We’ve got many more fun, interesting facts that’ll […]

A history of online reviews

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Let’s go back in time for a second and review the history of online reviews and the advancement of exchanging advice online. Before this was popular, often we only had “word of mouth” to rely on for recommendations.  Where Did It Start? Interestingly, the history of online reviews began in 1999, and they were largely […]

Importance of GMB

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Why Google My Business Is Important to Business Reviews https://lnkd.in/e_bXyci JTL makes this step 1 in our process Google never fails to update its features. A Google My Business account helps your business show up in search results when people are searching online for products and services. Even better? Google My Business is totally FREE, […]

The statistics for online reviews are mind boggling!

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Listed below are several stats about online reviews and their growing importance for your business.  If you weren’t aware how important they are for your business, some of these numbers may shock you. Online reputation management statistics for 2021 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Nearly 3 out of 4 […]

Respond to Negative Reviews

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Wondering how or if you should respond to negative reviews? Despite all your efforts to provide excellent customer service, businesses inevitably experience negative reviews at some point. Getting negative reviews can be frustrating. Facing personal error is challenging and many people don’t like confrontation. Business success also heavily relies on positive reviews to help boost […]