About JTL

JTL Marketing was formed in 2016 as an offshoot of my 20+ years of experience in direct marketing and experience as a business executive that leverages business intelligence to increase sales and gross margins.

My intention was to help small businesses needing a jolt in sales or marketing efforts within 90 days. As time has moved on what has become most obvious is that a few simple little areas can help local business more than anything else. So we have made these areas the crux of our business.

We have long experience with our email marketing track record dating back to 2000 and our social media experience back to 2008. We’ve done the work, found all the right programs and licensed the software that makes it all run seamlessly while you conduct your regular business on a day to day basis. We are confident we have developed a ‘profit accelerator’ for your business that you will see tangible results to your bottom line within 90 days. By combining with us on one or all three of our product opportunities, we’ll give you a deep dive into business intelligence, customer data and analytics to set you on the course to greater profits.

Ultimately what we will give you is a big business solution for your local business!

Headshot of James Scova

James Scova
President & CEO